This weekend we played against VfL Lichtenrade, one of the local clubs we see on a regular basis across the different leagues we play in. They have a talented group of guys in the class 2000 (#15). On offense they use complex systems to exploit the defensive inabilities of u14 players (staggered screens to enable passes into the post which they set up with baseline screens). You can criticize their offensive game plan as much as you like, but it obviously yields results. We tend to have a very hard time playing against them (especially when we put on a lackluster performance like in the 1st quarter). We lose 66:74 eventually, but it was good game anyway. Definitely worth seeing!

We tend to underestimate the athletic ability of players from the past - partly because they could not develop their athleticism the way we can now, but also because they played the game differently. On top of that basketball techniques like shooting and dribbling were not as refined as they are now which takes away a certain fluidity to the movement.

Nonetheless there were some incredible human specimen playing the game back in the day as displayed by Bill Russell in this short clip.

Jeff Green Full Highlights 2013.03.18 vs Heat - 43 Pts. (by Dawk Ins)

Jeff Green with a very impressive performance in a losing effort against the Heat. He looks great in transition and off the bounce, I could see him flourish in a system with a faster pace where he can handle the ball more often. What I like are the corner 3’s, the straight line drives and his ability to find creative solutions to finish off one dribble. Good stuff, Jeff Green.

14 minutes of Europe´s most creative point guard demonstrating his art: Milos Teodosic

His ability to pass with one hand - especially in pick & rolls and in transition - is just beautiful to watch. I´m also always impressed by his quick release of the dribble and off the catch. He keeps the ball very tight bringing it up and he keeps balance in difficult situations (Pull Up Three in pick & rolls). Very impressive!