Benjamin Pfau


Benjamin Pfau is a German photographer. He was born in Bielefeld in 1990. His work centers around themes of alienation and isolation in the globalized, ever-connected world. He creates extensive photojournals, which he eventually distills into fragmentary essays often juxtaposed with poetry and other forms of writing. In 2019, he published Isthmus, a visual diary of his life amongst a group of down-and-out exiles in Bangkok. Since the start of the global COVID-19 pandemic his focus has shifted towards examining the emotional impact of digital media and the study of generative image modeling. He currently lives in Berlin, Germany.


2020 Seminar Sven Marquardt, Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie, Berlin, Germany


2023 Far Reach, R Gallery x Mahalla, Berlin, Germany

2022 Über Heimat, Liebig12, Berlin, Germany

2020 Final Bloom, Fk-Galerie, Berlin, Germany

2020 Isthmus (solo), Club Lucero, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2020 Paseo + Pfau, Paseo, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2019 What Goes Around Comes Around, Studiolo, Berlin, Germany

2019 VOID Impromptu - Book Presentation, ISSP, Riga, Latvia

2019 Isthmus (solo), Arkaoda, Berlin, Germany

2018 Sync, Psych, Self (sic), Fk-Galerie, Berlin, Germany

2017 Dreams, Obscura Festival, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

2017 The Blind Curator, Fk-Galerie, Berlin, Germany

2017 Lichtquellen / Boy at the Butcher's, coGalleries, Berlin, Germany

2017 Puderpink, Puderraum, Berlin, Germany

2016 Deflection, Puderraum, Berlin, Germany

2016 The Palace Arts Festival, Nysa, Poland


2022 Nobody Saves America, Studio Benjamin Pfau

2019 Isthmus, Studio Benjamin Pfau

print publications

2020 Revista Balam - N6 MESTIZX

2019 ASX + VOID - Moonlit Skies

online features and articles

2023 Nearest Truth - Benjamin Pfau - Die Insel (Podcast)

2022 PhMuseum - Benjamin Pfau Experiments With Technology and Rooted Stereotypes to Create a Fake Narrative

2020 L'Observatoire - Dans son Regard

2020 American Suburb X - Isthmus, A Nocturnal Biopic

2019 Metal Magazine - Window or Mirror

2017 Noisey (Vice) - Lit City Trax

2017 Der Greif - Guest-Room: Francesco Zanot 


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